ABOUT Gps on wheels

ABOUT Gps on wheels

Gps on wheels works on providing solutions to the real time location and tracking problems of professional as well as personal need. It is loaded with different facilities which include tracking and monitoring of fleets by the transporters, personal assets by the people, investigation agencies private or government, telecom industry, banking industry and a lot more.

Our GPS system enables a user to remain in contact with the goods/vehicle everywhere and anytime through his mobile and get to know the real time movement of the concerned.

Our GPS system is backed up by Industry’s best GIS Maps and World Class GPS hardware, which makes one step ahead in providing services to our customers. It’s been developed by taking into consideration all the concerns of the users and hence become very user friendly, reliable and easy to implement and use.

Our team is a combination of people with different backgrounds that give us an edge to look up our customers problems from different perspectives. It always aims at try to find out new and innovative solutions to their problems.

Why Choose Gps on wheels for GPS?

Why Choose Gps on wheels for GPS?

We provide top-notch vehicle tracking solutions.
Our company offers an extensive range of GPS tracking devices and other solutions required by transportation companies and other organizations to make sure their drivers follow the set route. We do not only offer GPS tracking systems, but also sell licenses for our products and technologies to be integrated into products of other companies.

Historical data

You can access detailed logs and location history by logging into the GPS portal

SMS alert

Stay updated with SMS alerts notifying all the events.

Save fuel & time

Real-Time location and Status of vehicles allows effective trip planning.

Book your GPS Now

You can apply online to get GPS in no-time. On approval, we issue GPS device for your vehicle. Attach GPS device to your vehicle and you are ready to monitor your vehicle on real-time basis.



For those drivers who would like to know where their vehicle is located 24/7, but wouldn’t like to overpay, there is a good solution – a standard set of GPS tracking devices.

Fleet Management

If you are running your own transport business you might face problems like high demands, high fuel costs and lack of visibility about the current location of the fleets. Optimum vehicle utilization is a secret of business growth and essential for providing the best customer service.

Vehicle Tracking

Gps on wheels is endowed with latest technologies andequip business to track and monitor their fleet vehicles, wherever they are, can locate them on map and find out the inefficiencies andvariations, which ultimately affect the customer.

School Bus tracking

With the right tracking system, a school bus dispatcher can have up-to-date information about bus location, driver actions and vehicle performance, assisting with a wide range of needs. Here are some reasons why school bus GPS tracking is a necessity for today's school transportation companies.

Asset Tracking

By installing GPS asset trackers which is different from other GPS tracking units in that they rely on an internal battery for power and monitor the location, its movements and routes. GPS tracking of your assets offers the power you need to stay in control, even when those assets leave your facility or are staged away from your facility.



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